2013 Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race

This is a placeholder page for the 2013 race. It will be updated with the correct team pictures and comments soon.

Team Name Team Picture Notes
Pear County Chopper   First Place Engineering, Kinetic Konsistancy Award, ACE
Fire Trike   Spectator Favorite and Most Improved Award
Applied Physics, CSUCI   Perserverance and PR Award
Sun Chaser   Ventura Champion and Family Fellowship Award, ACE
Visualize Whirled Peas   The Women's We Can Do It and Safety Slapstick Award
U.S.S. Gryphon   Kinetic Kromatic and Suspenseful Start Award
Bounce For Glory   First Place Speed and Unauthorized Pitcrew Award, ACE
Recycling Viking   Spirit of Alan Brown and Something out of Nothing Award
Chain Gang   First Place Art and Golden Flipper Award

Contact Details

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