2003 Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race

This was the slate of entries for the 2003 race in Ventura. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the teams in their full glory.

Team Name Picture Notes
Two Ton Tricycle Our first paid entry again this year...
Kinetic Widows A new entry for Ventura, but an experienced team.
The Bed Wetter Bedrunner Thumbnail Last year he was Bed Runner, but got a bit damp during the launch, thus the name change.
Henry Ford Goes Surfing Another fine entry from Elliot Naess and Clearlake, CA.
We Stink even More than Before A resurrection of the skunk....
Rock'n'Fish Back again....
Tri-ceratops Tri-ceratops Thumbnail Hope they get some new skin soon....
Stars and Stripes  
The Land Shark IV tn8.jpg (3450 bytes) Isn't it time to give this shark a makeover?
Frogasaurus Rex Gorillas in the Rex Thumbprint A great entry from Corvallis.
The Harbor Entry We heard a rumor it has a SpongeBob theme.
Jerry's Jitney  
That's A Mower, Eh? tn16.jpg (2692 bytes)  
Khristy Kantrell's Kinetic Kaleidoscope Kar (5k) tn16.jpg (2692 bytes) You got to see this to believe it.
Bella talya tn16.jpg (2692 bytes)
Thunderbird tn16.jpg (2692 bytes) A veteran team, once Clam I Am with a new vehicle

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