2002 Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race

This was the slate of entries for the 2002 race in Ventura. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the teams in their full glory.

Team Name Picture Notes
Two Ton Tricycle Our first paid entry!!!
Lester A new entry from Truckee - bad news - they won't be coming, copilot broke leg in bike race.  Next year.
The Bed Runner Bedrunner Thumbnail Our third official entry.
My First Wagon From Clovis - it missed last year but will be back. 
Megaforce Squadron A new team from New Technology High in Napa.
The Ojai Pink Moment What will it be this year?
Walking Fish Was The Wizard's Revenge 
Tri-ceratops Tri-ceratops Thumbnail What will it be this year?
Stars and Stripes What will it be this year?
The Land Shark tn8.jpg (3450 bytes) What will it be this year?
USS Yellow Sub tn16.jpg (2692 bytes) The boys are back...
El Creepshow tn19.jpg (3678 bytes) The return of Insecticide
Gorillas in the Rex Gorillas in the Rex Thumbprint Back for another year.
The Harbor Entry Back again...
Jerry's Jitney  

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