2001 Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race

This was the slate of entries for the 2001 race in Ventura. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the teams in their full glory.

Team Name Picture Notes
Monafly Monafly Thumbnail Our first paid entry!!!
Gorillas in the Rex Gorillas in the Rex Thumbprint You knew them as Time Rex and The Rex Files - see them again as Gorillas in the Rex. 
The Wizard's Revenge   Last year it was Dragon Wagon, competing again.
Tri-ceritops Tri-ceratops Thumbnail Another local Ventura team.
Junk Yard Hog   See the stuntman leave the others in the dust....
The Ojai Kondor    
The Spirit of America Spirit of America Thumbnail A spinoff from the Trailblazers of previous races. 
Saturnalian Saturnalian Thumbnail Remember Lampoon?  They're back !
The Land Shark   ...Candygram
The Bed Runner Bedrunner Thumbnail See how far it makes it this year.
Harbor Entry   Last year it was Wild Blue Yonder.....

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