1999 Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race

This was the slate of entries for the 1999 race in Ventura. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the teams in their full glory.

Team Name Team Picture Awards Received at Banquet
The Real Thing Get it Up Again Award
The Tri-Again The Tri-Umphant Award
Woo-dee-doo-dee Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Award
Land Shark Mediocre Award (entry to Eureka Race), Spirit Award from Hobart Brown
Trailblazers Best Pit Crew, Spectators Favorite
Lick Me ACE, Top Speed
Life's a Beach Sweetest Bribe Award
Head Hunters Rookie Award
Lampoon ACE, Top Engineering, Top Art, Grand Champion
The Rex Files ACE, Transformer Award
Insecticide Sportsmanship Award, Special Judge's Favorite for Robert of the Pit Crew.
It's the Cheese Crash and Burn Award
Junk Yard Hog Most Determined
Gold Digger 24 Carat Award

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