1999 Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race

This was the slate of entries for the 1999 race in Ventura. Click on the thumbnail pictures to see the teams in their full glory.

Team Name Team Picture Awards Received at Banquet
The Real Thing tn1.jpg (3743 bytes) Greatest Recovery, ACE
The Tri-tanic tn2.jpg (3715 bytes) The Unsinkable Spirit Award
Men in White I tn3.jpg (3583 bytes) Wizard's Apprentice Award (from Boulder Wizard), first to Sink, ACE
Men in White II tn4.jpg (2996 bytes) Centripital Award
Men in White III tn5.jpg (4026 bytes) ACE, Best first Timer
Outt'a Time tn6.jpg (3912 bytes) Lopsided Award
Wooo-Deee-Dooo-Deee tn7.jpg (3113 bytes) ET Phone Home Award
Land Shark tn8.jpg (3450 bytes) Most Creative Repair
Trailblazers tn9.jpg (3991 bytes) Best Team Spirit, Official's favorite (tie), Founder's Trophy (from Hobart Brown)
Sundae Drive tn10.jpg (2905 bytes) Best Bribe
Life's a Beach tn11.jpg (3526 bytes) Late Bloomer (last to start building)
The Bent Penny tn12.jpg (3598 bytes) Best Welding
Got Milk? tn14.jpg (2955 bytes) Most Determined
Heavy Metal tn15.jpg (3871 bytes) Best Crowd Participation
USS Yellow Submarine tn16.jpg (2692 bytes) Best Pit Crew, Official's favorite (tie), Best Style, Most Artistic Sculpture
Bite Me tn17.jpg (3851 bytes) Course Official's Artistic Choice
Team Coast Guard tn18.jpg (3855 bytes) ACE, Best team Comraderie
Chaos Theory tn19.jpg (3678 bytes) Course Official's Funniest theme
Beer Bomber tn20.jpg (3222 bytes) Best Individual Performance
Last Resort tn21.jpg (3398 bytes) Official's Most Ingenious
Clam I Am tn22.jpg (3501 bytes) ACE, Overall Champion, Best Speed, Spectator's favorite, Best Costumes, Best Engineering

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