Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race

This is a new website for the Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race. It has been recovered from old files. Files will be added as they are recreated. There will be pages for each year the race has occurred with pictures and awards of all of the teams. Use the Menu navigation to select the year you want to view.

What is a Kinetic Sculpture Race?

It is a race of vehicles built to go over land, sand, water and mud, human powered, and have sculpture and costumes to fit. Some vehicles cost thousands to build, while others are simple adaptations of bicycles, surfboards, canoes, and whatnot used to achieve the ultimate reward: Glory! It's about adults being kids, kids being adults, and everyone, including the spectators, having a great time. Winning is not the goal, although there are awards for sculpture, costumes, engineering, style and speed. There is the overall champion as well as an award for each team that shows up and participates.

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